Product Life Cycle Phases for iWeb Dedicated Servers


iWeb maintains a Product Life Cycle process to manage the use, development and maintenance of the dedicated servers we provide. These life cycle stages dictate how a server is handled and supported within IWeb. We have defined the following life cycle stages.


Active server models are actively procured and offered by IWeb. Active servers are of course fully supported and can be (re-)ordered from our vendors for additional supply when needed.

End of Procurement

Server models which are End of Procurement are actively offered by IWeb, but they are no longer procured from vendors. Most often they have been replaced by a successor. Servers in this stage are fully supported by IWeb.

End of Sales

Servers which are End of Sales are no longer being offered by IWeb. We will still fully support the use of these servers for our customers who are using them. But we will offer a successor model for additional orders or when a server needs to be replaced.

End of Full Support

When a server model becomes End of Full Support it means the server model itself and the CPU are no longer supported by IWeb support. Issues with either of these items will lead to a replacement of the server with a substitute model of equivalent or better specifications. Hard disk and memory are still supported and replaced if required.

End of Support

When a server model becomes End of Support it means the server model and all components including hard disk and memory are no longer supported by IWeb support. You are requested to take action and migrate to a replacement server model. Please contact us to decide on a substitute and suitable migration.

When one of your servers moves to the End of Full Support or End of Support phase, we will communicate this to you in an email to keep you informed.




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